Inside our home-base, we have a room dedicated to music where you can enjoy listening, learning and playing different types of instruments.

We have a computer room where you can surf the net (appropriate sites only!), play games, learn, and have fun!

We have an open kitchen where you can learn the ins and outs of cooking and food safety.

Our multi-functional room is a great place where you can socialize with other participants, play games, work on arts and crafts and other fun activities.

We also have a small sensory room where you can stimulate your senses with beautiful colors, sounds, textures and smells. Or if you want some quiet time, you can transform this room into a cozy, relaxation room or use our vast library to read in silence.

We have a workout area equipped with all the fitness essentials. All participants wanting to use this area will be trained on proper safety and usage.

Finally, we have a good size yard that is perfect for BBQ’s, sports, games, gardening or for a peaceful place to sit and watch the birds fly by.